When everything is riding on a particular outcome, our experts will do what it takes to drive your agenda forward.  We select our clients carefully so we can be fully invested in your success.

Adam Taylor


Former senior official in the Canadian government. Vast experience in helping clients navigate complex and multi-jurisdictional public policy environments. Strong understanding of international trade agreements and frameworks. Solid networks federally, in provincial governments across Canada, and around the world.

Eric Johnson


More than 15 years of government relations experience on behalf of clients (with a special focus on social and economic development-related initiatives). Skilled relationship manager for large multi-national companies and social development organizations. Consensus builder with fiscal, strategic, and operations leadership capabilities.

Lindsay Maskell


Seasoned government relations and stakeholder relations professional. Crisis management and response expert. Profound understanding of provincial decision-making/policy-making structures and processes, particularly those related to land-use planning, mining, energy, and natural resources. Experienced campaign manager, registered lobbyist, and regular media commentator on political affairs.

Chris Day


More than 20 years of executive and leadership experience in communications, public affairs, and public policy elaboration in foreign affairs, immigration, health, and more. Stellar track-record of leading teams to meet and surpass ambitious goals. Deep and constructive relationships with policy- and decision- makers across Canada and around the world.