J.O.Y and Junior G.O.Y.A.

Greek Orthodox Youth groups are for all Orthodox Christians whose families are members of the Hellenic Community of Ottawa. The Church-Community helps support the groups financially with an annual budget which allows the fee to be as minimal as possible. The age range for JOY and Jr. GOYA is from 5 to 11 years with appropriate age group separations.  Please note that when youth turns 12 years old, they will be invited to join G.O.Y.A.

The programs have the objective to lead children and young adults into a living and active relationship with the Orthodox Church. It is at these ages that a foundation of the faith can best be set; a foundation that will guide and strengthen our young people as they progress in their lives!

All activities include age appropriate group games, crafts, field trips, and explanations and discussions about our Orthodox faith. The advisors strive to plan events that are creative and fun in turn, and the atmosphere will stimulate and strengthen Orthodox Christianity among the members. It must be remembered that events are not limited to crafts and games in the church hall; any positive event shared with church friends enhances our spiritual bonds.

Membership fees ($25 per child for HCO members) will go towards the purchases of all craft supplies, snacks, games, videos and other activities. Refreshments for evening gatherings in the Church Hall are provided by the youth group; parents are asked to sign-up to help prepare and serve snacks and clean-up the kitchen afterwards. The groups usually meet in the church hall from 6:30–8:30 p.m. on the last Friday of each month. There are some expectations as well as special events; please refer to the calendar (below) for details. The groups will alternate evening meeting locations between church hall and outings. Children are to come casually dressed and must be dropped off and picked up inside the church hall by an adult. Parents are requested to attend all field trips.

Parents are always welcome to stay and observe activities as well as to help our advisors whether able, and as needed. This year we have a need for more youth group advisors. Please consider volunteering! All advisors must be members of the Hellenic Community of Ottawa.